CCT SciViz

CCT SciViz Publications in 2009

    Matthew T. Dougherty and Michael J. Folk and . Unifying Biological Image Formats with HDF5
    CACM09.pdf (147K) [bib] [url]

    Werner Benger and Georg Ritter and Simon Su and Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos and . Doppler Speckles - A Multi-Purpose Vectorfield Visualization Technique for Arbitrary Meshes
    CGVR09.pdf (6.5M) [bib]

    Werner Benger . On Safari in the File Format Djungle - Why can't you visualize my data?
    CISE09.pdf (8.9M) [bib] [url]

  • Como09-presentation.pdf (33M, pdf only)

    Werner Benger . Classifying Data for Scientific Visualization via Fiber Bundles
    Como09.pdf (181K) [bib] [url]

    Werner Benger and Andrew Hamilton and Mike Folk and Quincey Koziol . Using Geometric Algebra for Navigation in Riemannian and Hard Disc Space
    GraVisMa09.pdf (1.1M) [bib]

    Wolfram Schoor and Marc Hofmann and Simon Adler and Werner Benger and Bernhard Preim and Ruediger Mecke . Remote Rendering Strategies for Large Biological Datasets
    Schoor09.pdf (3.0M) [bib]

    Simon Su and Werner Benger and William Sherman and Eliot Feibush and Curtis Hillegas . Using open source and commercial visualization packages for analysis and booktitle={Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Informatics and Technology 2009
    Su2009.pdf (185K) [bib] [url]

  • VishApplicationToMultiblock-March09-presentation.pdf (14M, pdf only)

    Werner Benger and Georg Ritter and Marcel Ritter and Wolfram Schoor . Beyond the Visualization Pipeline
    VizCascade.pdf (1.4M) [bib]

  • WSCG09-presentation.pdf (1.7M, pdf only)

    Werner Benger and Marcel Ritter and Sumanta Acharya . Fiberbundle-based visualization of a Stir Tank Fluid
    WSCG09.pdf (972K) [bib] [url]

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