CCT SciViz

CCT SciViz Publications in 2006

    Shalini Venkataraman and Werner Benger and Amanda Long and Byungil Jeong, Luc Renambot . {Visualizing Hurricane Katrina - Large Data Management, Rendering and Display Challenges}
    Graphite06.pdf (5.0M) [bib]

    author = {Werner Benger and Hauke Bartsch and Hans-Christian Hege and . Visualizing {N}euronal {S}tructures in the {H}uman {B}rain via {D}iffusion {T}ensor {MRI}
    NeuroScience.pdf (14M) [bib]

    Werner Benger and Shalini Venkataraman and Amanda Long and Gabrielle Allen . {Visualizing Katrina - Merging Computer Simulations with Observations}
    Para06.pdf (1.5M) [bib]

  • SPM2007FIBERGSSE.pdf (331K, pdf only)

    Werner Benger and Hans-Christian Hege . Strategies for Direct Visualization of Second-Rank Tensor Fields
    TensorBook.pdf (17M) [bib]

    Werner Benger and Brad Corso and Erin Gillilan and Manuel Tiglio . A Black Hole in the Living Room
    VRSAL06.pdf (11M) [bib]

  • shortvrsal.pdf (7.9M, pdf only)

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