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Sample datasets

These are a collection of various datasets in the F5 format. F5 stands for fiber-bundle HDF5 and is a special layout of datasets when using the HDF5 Library. To handle reading and writing such HDF5 files in this specific layout, a C library that builts on HDF5 is available from
Note that the files provided here have partially been written by an older version of this F5 libraries and might thus trouble reading it with the current version of F5.
Particle Data
Astrophysical data created from files in so-called 'snapshot' format, containing a collision of two galaxies using an smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) code, as published by, © Department of Astro - and Particle Physics, University of Innsbruck.
  • mass - mass of particles
  • U - Internal energy per unit mass
  • hsml - smoothing length SPH
  • pot - potential gravitational energy
  • ne - ?
  • temperature
  • rho - density
Full dataset: CollidingGalaxies-SPH-UIBK.f5
Visualization example
Subset with 3 timesteps: Snapshot.f5 260M
Scalar Uniform Data
Dataset produced by CACTUS for two merging neutron stars, simulation code by Phillip Gressmann, Washington University at St. Louis, 1999. It contains two scalar fields (rho,eps) on a uniform cartesian grid with 1300 timesteps. The latest timesteps are messed up with bounding box information because the code crashed. MergingNeutronStars.f5
Visualization Example
Dataset produced by CACTUS for two merging black holes, output of psi4 as indication of gravitational waves, first 3D simulation of black holes as grazing collision, © Ed Seidel 1999. psi0re.f5
Visualization Example
Mixed Data from KatrinaViz project
Visualization Example
ADCIRC surge data of time-evolving surface on static triangular mesh, converted from ADCIRC ascii output: ADCIRC.f5 2.0G
Dynamic temperature scalar field on uniform cartesian grid, converted from MM5: allsteps-temp_DOMAIN2.f5 1.8G
Dynamic wind vector field on uniform cartesian grid, converted from MM5: allsteps-wind_DOMAIN2.f5 5.2G
Cloud cover data, converted from TIFF: CloudData.f5 433M
Tensor Data
128^3 Diffusion Tensor dataset as provided by Gordon Kindlmann, converted from NRRD file format: HRBrain.f5584M
64^3 Diffusion Tensor dataset as provided by Hagen Kitzler, department of Neuroradiology, Uniklinikum Dresden 2005: Testpat_BD_Tumor.f5129M
CFD Data
Vector field one time step from a stirred tank out.f580M

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