CCT SciViz

Organisational Structure and People for
Scientific Visualization at LSU
Tier 1
Visualization Services Center

Imtiaz Hossain

Location: LSU Middleton Library
Reports to: LSU Information Technology Services

  • First point of contact for visualization requests
  • License management for commercial software at LSU
    1. Amira
    2. Ensight
    3. TecPlot
Tier 2
Advanced visualization service Lab

Jinghua Ge

Location: Frey Computational Services Center
Reports to: CCT CyD Division and HPC Manager

  • Second point of contact for visualization requests if they can't be fullfilled by Tier 1
  • Providing solutions on customer request beyond availability by standard software
  • Communication with LSU scientists and CCT researchers regarding to visualization requirements, facilities, development, and coordination. We want to learn from scientists and users the nature of scientific data/phenomem, what to expect from data visualization, and how to improve interaction experience. We also coordinate with scientists, users, and visualization researchers, find ways to work together.
  • Three major directions:
    1. scientific data visualization
    2. information visualization
    3. interactive virtual environment development.
Tier 3
Scientific Visualization Research

Dr. Werner Benger

Location: LSU Johnston Hall
Reports to: CCT

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