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Streamlines color-coded with curvature of the streamlines

curvature-time-bottom.png curvature-time-side.png curvature-time-top.png

Streamlines color-coded with proper time of the streamlines

proter-time-bottom.png proter-time-side.png proter-time-top.png
stream-propertime-zebra-side.png stream-propertime-zebra-top.png stream-propertime-zebra-x2.png

Streamlines color-coded with energy

energy-time-bottom.png energy-time-side.png energy-time-top.png
stream-energy-zebra-bottom.png stream-energy-zebra-side-2.png stream-energy-zebra-side.png

Stream ribbons

propertime-ribbons-side.png propertime-ribbons-top.png propertime-energy-side.png
propertime-energy-side2.png propertime-energy-top.png

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