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Jean-Luc Movie: /NCSA1999/BrillWaves/BW6_128_0.04_max5/PsiReal

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Similar to the `pseudo-realistic' subcritical movie, this movie shows the Re{\Psi_4} outgoing and Re{\Psi_0} ingoing components of the gravitational field in their full 3D structure.

As this wave contains enough energy concentration to form a black hole, the waves `get stuck' at the central region and an apparent horizon occurs. Some gravitational radiation is emitted from the newly formed highly distorted black hole, but the final state is a static black hole (i.e. a Schwarzschild Black Hole).

Simulation code: Miguel Alcubierre , Gabrielle Allen , Bernd Bruegmann , Gerd Lanfermann , Lars Nerger , Ed Seidel , Ryoji Takahashi, Tom Goodale, Daniel Holz, Steve Brandt, Paul Walker, Thomas Radke (AEI)
John Shalf (NCSA)
Toni Arbona, Joan Masso and Carles Bona (University of the Balearic Islands)
Wai-Mo Suen , Malcolm Tobias (WashU)
( AEI , WashU )

Mpeg Movie: PsiReal.mpg
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