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The visualization technique of this sequence is identical to the one used in the A=4 case of the subcritical brill wave.

However in this supercritical case the apparent horizon of the forming black hole is shown, too. It is indicated by the dotted surface, whereby the colors along the surface indicate the gaussian curvature on this surface.

Note that during time evolution one can see parts of the gravitational waves, which actually fall inwards, while other parts drift outwards. The border between infalling and outfalling actually is the event horizon, which becomes only visible during evolution; it can't conceptually be detected in a single time slice. The animation also displays that the event horizon may reside somewhat outside the apparent horizon.

Simulation code: Miguel Alcubierre , Gabrielle Allen , Bernd Bruegmann , Gerd Lanfermann , Lars Nerger , Ed Seidel , Ryoji Takahashi, Tom Goodale, Daniel Holz, Steve Brandt, Paul Walker, Thomas Radke (AEI)
John Shalf (NCSA)
Toni Arbona, Joan Masso and Carles Bona (University of the Balearic Islands)
Wai-Mo Suen , Malcolm Tobias (WashU)
( AEI , WashU )

Mpeg Movie: Psi4PosNegYZ.mpg
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