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Jean-Luc Movie: /NCSA1999/NeutronStars



Image courtesy: AEI / Seidenfaden

This movie section covers numerical simulations of binary neutron stars. The `holy grail' are orbiting neutron stars which finally collapse and may form a black hole. Currently (1999) numerical simulations are not that far. But they are on the path to it. Currently, we can compute the formation of a black hole by head-on collisions, partial orbits using general relativistic hydrodynamics, and the gravitational radiation which is created during this process and we can do a couple of orbits in Newtonian theory.

So the only thing left is to do all this at the same time... (It's already all the same simulation code!)

Simulation code: AEI , WashU
Meudon Initial Data: Silvano Bonazzola, Eric Gourgoulhon and Jean-Alain Marck
(see gr-qc/9810072 and gr-qc/9904040)





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