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The formation of a Black Hole by an head-on collision of two neutron stars.

The bluegreen initially spherical volumes stand for the energy density, which is the density times the internal energy, i.e. rho*epsilon.

The red/yellow `atmosphere' (which more prominently appears during evolution and is hardly visible at the initial time slice) are logarithmic volumetric isolevels of the epsilon (internal energy), i.e. of log(epsilon).

The shock front mentioned in NS-M46-COLL come out more clearly in this rendering. Additionally the apparent horizon of the black hole, which forms during this collision, is shown as a magenta surface. It is indicated by dots such that the view to the interior is still available. The apparent horizon is computed at T=63 and for later timesteps the same position is kept during rendering.

The important result of this simulation is that - although some shock fronts occur and lots of matter is blasted into space - nearly the entire high-energetic matter is trapped within the resulting black hole. So during collapse, most of the matter will disappear in the forming black hole, whereas such things are not possible in a non-general-relativistic hydrodynamic simulation.

In a newtonian theory the matter could bounce back, like two elastic balls bouncing back, or possibly dissolve into space, if the energy is just large enough. However in general relativity if the energy is `large enough' then the two objects are `stuck together' like in a inelastic collision.

Simulation: Wai-Mo Suen , Malcolm Tobias , Mark Miller, et. al.
See also: neutron star merger grand challenge pages, WU Relativity AEI , WashU
Visualization by: Werner Benger ( AEI , ZIB )

Mpeg Movie: AHEpsRho.mpg
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