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This movie shows the head-on collision of two neutron stars. The two initial spheres in dark red represent a level of equal density (an isosurface), i.e. at 1E-5 which is about 1/10 of the central density.

The colors at the surfaces indicates the internal energy. The internal energy is also shown as volume cloud and becomes more prominent during evolution.

The matter heats up at the collision center, and a shock wave is created when the two neutron stars touch. This is visible as the front of internal energy drifting outwards, apparently coming from the collision center.

Actually, a Black Hole is formed in this process, which is seen in AHEpsRho.

Simulation: Wai-Mo Suen , Malcolm Tobias , Mark Miller, et. al.
See also: neutron star merger grand challenge pages, WU Relativity AEI , WashU
Visualization by: Werner Benger ( AEI , ZIB )

Mpeg Movie: NS-M46-COLL.mpg
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