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Jean-Luc Movie: /NCSA1999/BrillWaves/BW4_128_0.04/PsiReal

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This movie looks somehow `realistic', although a true gravitational wave would appear completely different from this rendering. Shown are the Re{\Psi_4} outgoing and Re{\Psi_0} ingoing components of the gravitational field, as in PsiAlpha. However, they are displayed in their full 3D structure here, such that the toroidal structure comes out more intuitively.

The starry background also gives the move and additional esthetic aspect, such it is easier to understand than some other more `scientific' movies. In reality, a graviational wave would be visible as a distortion of the background stars, i.e. changing their size and positions. The color rendering used is a purely artistic way to display the properties of the things going on.

As in PsiAlpha, it is quite clear that after separation of the Re{\Psi_4} and Re{\Psi_0} components from initial data, the blue Re{\Psi_0} component runs inwards and bounces back as a red Re{\Psi_4} pulse.

Simulation code: Miguel Alcubierre , Gabrielle Allen , Bernd Bruegmann , Gerd Lanfermann , Lars Nerger , Ed Seidel , Ryoji Takahashi, Tom Goodale, Daniel Holz, Steve Brandt, Paul Walker, Thomas Radke (AEI)
John Shalf (NCSA)
Toni Arbona, Joan Masso and Carles Bona (University of the Balearic Islands)
Wai-Mo Suen , Malcolm Tobias (WashU)
( AEI , WashU )

Mpeg Movie: PsiReal.mpg
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