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Subcritical Brill Wave, Amplitude 4. The actual computation domain was an octant of the full 3D space, which is sufficient due to the octant symmetry of the spacetime. Shown is the upper quadrant of the computation domain, displaying the Re{\Psi_4} Weyl Scalar as red volume. Re{\Psi_4} indicates the outgoing graviational field. White corresponds to high-intensity areas, yellow to medium intensity and read to lowest intensity levels.

Below the quadrant cube the lapse function (~proper time) along the equatorial plane is shown as height field. Red values indicate 1.0, blue/violett values indicate the time approaching zero. A lapse function near zero is an indication for a strong graviational field, or even a black hole.

Just after starting the evolution, the lapse functions sinks to small values at the origin, indicating the strongness of the gravitational field bound in the Brill Wave. However the gravitational field is not strong enough to hold itself, so it `bounces back' and a large pulse of gravitational energy is leaving the bounding box after some time. This is visible as a dense pulse of the Re{\Psi_4} cloud running outwards. After this pulse has left the computation, only some small residual radiation is left, still radiating away. Note the correlation of high-intensity areas of Re{\Psi_4} and the minima of the lapse function beyond.

The final state is empty space in the shown data quadrant and a lapse function at 1.0 (red plane).

Simulation code: Miguel Alcubierre , Gabrielle Allen , Bernd Bruegmann , Gerd Lanfermann , Lars Nerger , Ed Seidel , Ryoji Takahashi, Tom Goodale, Daniel Holz, Steve Brandt, Paul Walker, Thomas Radke (AEI)
John Shalf (NCSA)
Toni Arbona, Joan Masso and Carles Bona (University of the Balearic Islands)
Wai-Mo Suen , Malcolm Tobias (WashU)
( AEI , WashU )

Mpeg Movie: Psi4Alpha.mpg
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