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The \Psi_4 Weyl Scalar is a complex quantity, which can be interpreted under some assumptions as the `outgoing gravitational' wave. The real part indicates the even parity component, the imaginary part stands for the odd part. For axisymmetric cases, the odd part, and therefore Im{\Psi_4} is zero.

For full 3D structures, this is no longer the case. Re{\Psi_4} is rendered as red volumetric isolevels, as in the former Psi4AH video, but seen from a different view position. Additionally, Im{\Psi_4}2 is shown as blue volumetric isolevels.

While Re{\Psi_4} shows two `pulses' running towards the (+x,0,+z) and (-x,0,-z) direction and becomes quite chaotic, unstructured at later time steps, Im{\Psi_4} appears as two pulses running in opposite directions towards (0,+y,0) and (0,-y,0), so mainly moving orthogonal to the Re{\Psi_4} pulse direction. The geometric structure of Im{\Psi_4} remains remarkably clean at later time steps, it does not show the chaotic behaviour of Re{\Psi_4}.

Mpeg Movie: PsiComplex.mpg
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