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Jean-Luc Movie: /NCSA1999/BlackHoles/bs_384_0.2/AH3-Backside

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View of the grazing collision of two merging black holes from an observer's position at negative x. The view position is right of the position in the AppHorizon movie.

The behaviour is similiar to AppHorizon. The two black holes approach, at T=10.36 the outer apparent Horizon jumps into view. The regions of negative curvature are quite prominent at horizon creation - the cyan/transparent areas of the surface around the xy equatorial plane, surrounded by the yello regions of zero surface curvature. The curvature corresponds well to the visual coordinate appearance of the apparent horizon, as these equatorial areas are saddle-like.

Soon after creation the outer apparent horizon tends to become elliptical, approaching the shape of a Kerr Black Holes event horizon. The curvature structures again show the rotation of the features aorund the y axis, corresponding to the angular momentum of the final rotating Kerr Black Hole.

Mpeg Movie: AH3-Backside.mpg
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