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Jean-Luc Movie: /NCSA1999/BlackHoles/bs_384_0.2/Psi4XZSlice

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This sequence shows slices along the xz axes of Re{\Psi_4}. \Psi_4 is a Weyl-Scalar indicating the outgoing gravitational radiation.

Various intensity levels of Re{\Psi_4} are rendered in blue-yellow cyclic colors.

Quite prominently some `pulse' is flowing away from the colliding black holes, going in opposite directions along the xz-direction.

In the center of the area one can again see the apparent horizons and the creation of the outer apparent horizon.

At later timesteps one may recognize some kind of counter-clockwise rotation of the structures. This spiral-like structure is an indication of the radiation of the final black hole.

Mpeg Movie: Psi4XZSlice.mpg
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