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Jean-Luc Movie: /NCSA1999/BlackHoles/bs_384_0.2/ComplexPsiSlices

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This movie tries to show three indepenten quantities at once. For clarity, the 3D data fields have been shown on 2D slices only. The data cube is rotated such that the z axis (the collision axis of the two black holes) points to the left side (cyan arrow). At the xz-plane (displayed horizontally) the lapse function (~proper time) is shown as height field. So initially there are two minima in this height field, each minima corresponding to one of the initial black holes. Interestingly, the larger initial black hole (left side) corresponds to the larger minimum, while the smaller black hole has a deeper mininum. During evolution, we see the larger black hole's lapse function deepen faster, and we see the two minima merge some small amount of time later.

The colors on top of the lapse height field is given by Re{\Psi_4} r2 (multiplication by r2 is used to enhance the visibility of the structures), displaying the same structures as mentioned before, especially the same as in Psi4XZSlice. Some pulse is flowing outwards in the (+x,+z) directions, towards the observer, and some time later we see the counter-clockwise rotation of the Re{\Psi_4} structure around the y axis. It looks like water flowing out of some bassing through some funnel. One may also glimpse the outer apparent horizon of the merged black hole, and detect that the gaussian curvature structures are in corotation with these gravitational wave structures.

The vertical xy-plane shows a transparent 2D slice of Im{\Psi_4}, so displaying the odd parity gravitational wave, showing the same structures as in ImPsi. The exchange of positive and negative areas is prominently visible here, too.

Mpeg Movie: ComplexPsiSlices.mpg
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